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Terms & Conditions

As you are probably now well aware, here at R J Maypole, we have aimed to keep things as clear, simple and upfront as possible… Our terms and conditions are no exception, we didn’t want to hide any important terms behind lengthy wording or niceties and so we’ve put things as frankly as possible. If there is any ambiguity, we would warm encourage you to reach out to us for clarity before proceeding. 


1. The hirer is fully responsible for the item(s) from the moment of delivery or collection. 

 - If you break it, you buy it. If you damage it, you buy it. If you loose it, you buy it. The purchase price for each item is found in it’s listing (for ‘hire only’ items, a weekly hire fee represents 10% of the item’s value). 

  • If you’ve broken/lost/damaged one piece in a set, you’re buying the set. 

  • If the item(s) is returned dirty we will charge you a cleaning fee at a flat rate of £20 per hour.

  • If an item(s) is returned and has been 'tweaked', without consent, you will be charged for the full item(s) price. 


2. Packaging. We will go to great lengths to ensure that items are well packaged, please keep all of the packaging that the item is delivered to you in and re-package it in the way it arrived to you before returning.


3. We don’t do ‘late’ - it’s too much of a grey area. When you reach the end of your hire period, if the item has not been collected/returned, we will contact you to arrange an extension of your hire period which must be paid for upfront. 


4. When you hire from us, we’ll require you to sign a hire contract - as the hirer you will be responsible for the full value of items hired. If you’re only hiring for a few weeks please be aware that you’re only paying a percentage of the item’s value and if the full value of the items that you’ll be taking responsibility for is beyond your means, then we would advise you take out insurance. If you’re taking out an insurance policy to cover the full value of the items, then it will need to cover all risks and we will need see a copy of your insurance to ensure that we’re happy it provides ample cover. If you’re personally covering the value of the items, then you will either need two forms of photo ID (i.e. passport and driver’s license) or one form of photo ID and a utility bill from the last three months, we may also need to put a hold on your card. If you’re going to take out an insurance policy with our underwriter we will put a hold on your card to cover the cost of the excess - this will be released when the items are returned and we’re satisfied with the condition. 


5. We offer a 30% buy back on all purchased items. It’s very simple and we’re keeping this straightforward from the get-go, however this is dependent on the condition of the item when it is returned. Like hiring, if you’re purchasing from us but intending on using the buy-back option then you’ll need to keep the packaging that the item was sent to you in and to re-packing in the way it was delivered to you. We reserve the right to reject any items returned with damage, this also applies to pieces in a set - if one item is damaged or missing then we won’t necessarily buy back the set. 


6. We reserve the right to decline to hire to any individual or company and we do not hire to weddings or parties. Please feel free to reach out to us over the phone or via email if you feel your situation warrants an exemption. 

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