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We operate differently to the majority of antique prop hire / sale companies and strive to keep things very simple for your convenience. All our prices are clear and visible from the get go. We try to achieve the same with our photos; in each listing we aim to have multiple, high-resolution images showing the piece from different angles as well close-ups of any relevant details. They are are not photoshopped or manipulated with filters etc and form part of the description. We’ve also used our decades of experience in the antiques trade to make sure that every item is accurately dated and period appropriate and that the details of it’s use are clear, as are any defects, damage etc.

General Questions

I need multiple of an item, but you’ve only got one available, can you help?

Very much so! We’re a six strong team that buy across most of England and Western Europe and decades in the trade mean we’ve built an extensive network of suppliers who are experts in their respective fields and subsequently we pride ourselves on our ability to source a very wide array of items to order. Send us a message or give us a call and we’ll go from there!  

Can I have credit? 

No. Unfortunately we do not offer credit, your hire contract must be paid in full before the items are delivered/collected. Any extensions to the hire period must be paid for upfront. 

Do you charge VAT? 

For all sales there will be no additional VAT charges . We operate under the Global VAT scheme which means no VAT can be charged or claimed in respect of items sold.

For all items hired will be an additional charge of 20% VAT on top of the hire price as this is considered a service.


What is the value of the item I’m hiring?

Very simply, it is the price that the item is listed for sale or hire at. Unlike other hire companies we don’t have inflated ‘risk values’ - everything is very straightforward and all prices are shown upfront. Every piece listed has a purchase price and/or hire prices. We charge 10% of the purchase price for up to a week’s hire or 20% for up to a month. If the item is damaged or lost you pay the purchase price. 

Can I reserve props that I wish to hire?

In short, no. We often have multiple customers short listing the same items at one time, so in the interest of fairness, until an item is a part of your hire contract it will be available to any of our clients.

Can I hire over the phone? 

Absolutely - we operate standard office hours, outside of this please leave us a voicemail message, send an email, or get in touch via the website’s ‘Contact Us’ form and we’ll get back to you.  

What if I return the item late?

We don’t do ‘late’ - it’s too much of a grey area. When you reach the end of your hire period, if the item has not been collected/returned, we will contact you to arrange an extension of your hire period which must be paid for upfront. 

Is there a minimum hire charge?

We charge a minimum of £50 + VAT for a new hire contract. 

Can I reserve an item that’s showing as ‘on hire’? 

Unfortunately not. When an item’s out on hire we have no way of controlling it’s condition, or of guaranteeing its punctual return, so we wouldn’t want to promise that item to anyone else until we’ve got it back in our control and are happy with it’s condition. If you’ve seen an item you like, but it’s out on hire please contact us and we can either make a note to advise you when it’s ready to go, or help find a suitable alternative.


What does 30% buy back mean?

We understand everyone is working to a budget and more specifically in the film industry - a post production budget. The 30% buy back means that we will buy back items you have purchased from us for 30% of what you paid.


We reserve the right to refuse anything that is damaged or no longer fit for purpose.


How do I get the item? 

UK Shipping

  • Small orders within the UK (postage)


For small orders we charge a flat rate of £4.95 for delivery per order for UK Mainland delivery. We look to ship your items promptly and send with tracked 24 Royal Mail Service. If you wish to collect your purchase then this can be done by appointment and, obviously, you won’t pay the delivery fee.

  • Collection


If you’d like to arrange your own collection and return, that’s absolutely fine but you’ll be responsible for the item from the moment it leaves our door until the moment it returns to it, so an appropriately sized vehicle, blankets, load ties/restraints etc will be needed. We reserve the right to not release items if we don’t feel your chosen method of self-transport is suitable.

Shipping outside of the UK


For international purchases; please contact us with details of the items, for ease you can use our shortlist feature. Please provide your shipping address and we will obtain a quote for you - this will be the exact price that we will be charged by the delivery company.

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