Victorian Tin Hat Box

Victorian Tin Hat Box

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In the 19th century and early 20th century travel was by carriage, train or sea. Particularly in the 19th century, people's clothing was quite bulky, especially for ladies as they would wear several layers of elaborate clothing and so suitcases and trunks needed to be quiet large. The majority of these cases would be leather, and the more expensive the case the heavier it would be. Large trunks were made from metal and wood, often covered in canvas with wooden struts to protect them. Up until the second quarter of the 20 th century, all people of society were expected to wear hats so hat boxes were needed for their transportation. To leave home for any length of time required an extensive array of luggage, and often staff to carry it.

This is a painted metal hat box this design which was made for many years by several companies, it was very robust and would always be seen below stairs for the likes a butler for his bowler hat or housekeeper for her Sunday best.


Paint work is all original inside and out. It does have some small scratches and scuffs to the paint but is in general good condition. The hinge and front clasp are both working well.

Dimensions: 35cm wide x 22cm deep x 25cm high