Victorian Clock Garniture

Victorian Clock Garniture

SKU: RJ00254

A popular piece of any 19th century household would be a mantlepiece clock, from a country cottage to a large country estate, clocks would be seen on most mantlepieces, above and below stairs. These came in all maner of design from an inexpensive simple wooden piece, to an elaborate slate or ormolu piece.

This splendid clock garniture was popular at the end of the Victorian era. Made from polished slate and set with malachite decoration. The clock is key-wound with a pendulum movement. In working condition, and with an enamel dial. The two decorative urns are also inlaid with malachite, have dished top piece enabling you add further decoration, as was the want of the Victorians.


The clock is in good working condition. The slate shows some small scratches, expected of a piece of this age and generally is in good overall condition.


Clock Dimensions: 21cm length x 21cm deep x 14cm high.

Urn Dimensions: 13cm length x 13cm deep x 26cm high.