A Victorian Pottery Fairing Trinket Box

A Victorian Pottery Fairing Trinket Box

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In the 18th and 19th century every house had a fireplace, and therefore a mantlepiece, and in the grander houses, several mantlepieces. These would be decorated with all manner of things from clocks, candlesticks, photograph frames and pottery and brass ornaments.


Hundreds of pottery factories were set up in staffordshire during the Victorian period, many of them producing crude, colourfull figures, sold to decorate the more humble households. In a dark cottage in winter they must have seems so bright and joyful, there colours brightening all rooms from kitchen to bed chamber.

This type of figure was refered to as a fairing. They were made in Germany during the last quarter of the 19th century. Household members of staff would be given very few days holiday, one of their favorourite pastimes would be to visit the village fair. These fairs would travel from town to town during the summer months. The stalls would host very simple games, and the prizes would often be fairings. These were mass produced and would be cruedly modelled, but a prized possesion to somebody of a humble background. These items would also be offered for sale in seaside towns and villages as a souvenier.

This fairing is a little trinket box modelled on a young child with a goat.


In good condition apart from a slight paint rubbing.


Dimensions: 10 cm wide, 5cm deep and 8.5cm high.