Graduated Set of 5 Copper Pans

Graduated Set of 5 Copper Pans

SKU: RJ00077

A stable of every well equipped kitchen, these graduated sets of copper saucepans would typically consist of four of five pans and could either be hung from the hole at the tip of their handle, sat on a pyramid shaped iron pan stand or nested within each other (as per the photographs)

This particular set of pans have riveted iron handles and are tin lined (necessary if used for cooking) and have been machine polished to a high shine. The proximity of the handle to the rim of the pan means that these would never have had a lid.

The pans are in very good condition.

Dimensions: the largest pan has a diameter of 18cm (excluding handle) and a height of 9cm, the smallest has a diameter 10cm (excluding handle) of and a height of 5.5cm