Embossed, Silver Handled Glove Hook

Embossed, Silver Handled Glove Hook

SKU: RJ00024

In the 18th and 19th century fastenings on undergarments and boots would always have been buttoned. The buttons on shoes and boots at this time were dome-shaped and a hook would be needed in order to thread the button through the hole with ease. Undergarments usually had small mother of pearl buttons; a button hook would make it easier to thread through the hole.

Silver-handled button hook used for fastening buttons on ladies gloves, shoes, and boots. This is a fine example of a buttonhook, which would have typically been owned by someone of means.

The hook is made from steel. The silver handle has an ornate design. It is fully hallmarked for Chester 1906.

It measures 24.2 cms in length.