Early 20th Century Silver Plated Stilton Scoop

Early 20th Century Silver Plated Stilton Scoop

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During the Victorian and Edwardian era, dinner parties were a fashionable pasttime, ladies in society would compete with each other for the best dressed table, this brought about an increase in the manufacture of items to be used at the table. One of these things would be silver and silver plated cutlery to serve the food. All manner of tools were used from asparagus tongs to ornate serving forks and spoons, of every size and shape.


This is a silver plated stilton scoop with a composite handle. This item would have been used in a wealthy household, as stilton was an expensive cheese at the time; taking a long time to process and mature. The cheese would be purchased as a large round and then the scoop used to pierce the cheese and remove the ripest cheese from the centre of the round. Only a wealthy household would have a stilton scoop.


The silver plated handle and bowl has some signs of slight pitting to the silver, the composite handle is in good condition.


Dimensions: length 24cm