Large Victorian Oil Lamp

Large Victorian Oil Lamp

SKU: RJ00429

During the late 19th and early 20th century houses were lit with candles or oil lamps. The lamps would come in all grades from a cheap utility metal lamp to elaborate silver or gilt lamp with ornate cut and painted globular shades.


This fine quality oil lamp would have been in the home of a wealthy family. Its substantial form is well made with a black heavy glazed base with a reeded brass column and cut glass chamber, with hand cut decoration. The brass chamber has a movable wick and a gallery to hold the elaborately decorated globular shade. This has an acid-etched decoration to the surface of the glass. In all a very impressive lamp of the time.


The condition is good, with no chips or cracks to the glass or dinges to the metal.


Dimensions: 67cm high with a base diameter of 17cm