Large Victorian Ornate Double Inkwell

Large Victorian Ornate Double Inkwell

SKU: RJ00206

Before the invention of the fountain pen all correspondence would be done using a dip pen and ink. Inkwells came in all shapes and sizes and for all pockets, from the humble stone bottle to the wonderfully ornate bronze and silver inkwells


A very impressive fine quality double inkwell,the polished brass stand is highly decorated with floral scrolls and a central mask. Their are two ink bottles with hinged lids, one for black ink and one for blue ink. The front of the stand is groved to rest your dip pen on and protect the desk. This would have been in the home of a wealthy gentleman.


All in good condition with no damage to the glass ink wells, the design on the brass stand shows no sign of ware.


Dimensions: 25 cm in lenght x 17cm deep x 12cm high