A Pair of Victorian Tavern Barrels

A Pair of Victorian Tavern Barrels

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During the 19th century Taverns and inns would have a variety of pottery and stoneware barrels on their bars. Before optics were invented drinks would be poured from these barrels it a measure or straight into the appropriate glass. These Barrels would hold all manner of drinks from spirits to soft drinks.


This is a Pair of Barrels both with original paint work. The first has the word "Hollands" painted in gold lettering on the front of the barrel. Hollands was the name given to Gin at the time as it was invented in the Nethrlands.

The second is an unusuaal one named Spruce, This drink was popular in the 19th century, it would be made from the tops and branches of the spruce tree, these would be boiled up and strained into large wooden casks with mollaces added to the brew to start the fermentation . After fermentation it would be put into smaller barrels like this to be dispenced at the taverns and ale houses. Both have thier original taps.

These sort of barrels would be in a better class of Tavern.


The condition of both is very good. The decoration is in good condition with no loss to the guilding. Both of  taps work well.


Dimensions: 27cm wide x 23cm high