A Pair of Early Victorian Old Sheffield Plate Candlesticks

A Pair of Early Victorian Old Sheffield Plate Candlesticks

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Candlesticks and candelabra would have been used throughout the house as lighting in every room. They would adorn various places in the house, including dining tables during mealtimes, mantlepieces throughout the evenings, and bedsides at night. They came in various shapes and sizes and were made from a variety of materials including wood, brass, silver and silver plate.


This very elegant pair of candlesticks are Old Sheffield plated, which is different to electroplated. Old Sheffield plate had a thin sheet of silver that was rolled onto copper as opposed to silver particles electrolysed on to nickel or stainless steel. These candlesticks would have belonged to a particularly wealthy household. Because of the nature of how they are made and also their age, old Sheffield plate always shows ware through the silver to the copper beneath.


These candlesticks are showing a just small amount of copper, there is no damage to the body of the candlesticks and no signs of repair. The base on both sticks has some small dinges to the very edge.


Dimensions: 31cm x 13.5cm