A Large Victorian Hedge Cutter’s Stick

A Large Victorian Hedge Cutter’s Stick

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Most gentlemen in the 19th and early 20th century would have carried a cane. Canes would rarely been used as a walking aid, as anybody at this time who had problems walking would have used a crutch. The cane was mostly used by gentlemen for affectation, or as a form of defence against dogs and ruffians.


This is a hedge cutter’s stick, this type of stick would be made in the countryside as a by-product of hedge laying. This practise has gone on for more than a century. The hedge (probably Hawthorn or blackthorn) would be trimmed and the offcuts used to shape walking canes. This would provide an extra income for the hedge cutter. It would most likely have been owed by a man of simple means in the countryside.


There are a couple of very fine natural splits in the cane which have probably always been there. Patina is good.


Dimensions: 95cm long.