3 Early 20th Century Pixie Oil Lamps

3 Early 20th Century Pixie Oil Lamps

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During the late 19th and early 20th century houses were lit with candles or oil lamps. The lamps would come in all grades from a cheap utility metal lamp, to elaborate silver or gilt lamp with ornate cut and painted globular shades.


These sweet little oil lamps were refered to as Pixie lamps because of thier size, popular for children to have on their bedside. The lamps would be unscrewed from the base, and then  would be filled with paraffin or lamp oil and lit by a wick which is adjusted at the side of the lamp.


The first lamp has a white glass shade marked made in France, and a base metal holder, this is weighted at the bottom for safety.


The second lamp is constructed the same as the lamp above but has a clear glass shade.


The third lamp again with the same construction, but has a milk glass base.


Their is no chips or cracks to any of the lamps, the two with metal bases have tarnish to the metal, but all are sound.


Dimensions: Milk glass lamp 19cm x 8cm 

                          White glass shade 13cm x 8cm

                          Clear glass shade 14cm x 9cm