Victorian Gold Plated Watch Chain

Victorian Gold Plated Watch Chain

SKU: RJ00692

Before the invention of the wrist watch, all watches would have been pocket watches, as the name implies,  it would have been kept in the breast pocket. Then came the neeed to keep your watch safe from pick pockets, and so came about the watch chain. The watch chain, originally called the watch guard, was invented in the early 19th century, this would have been a short chain attatching your watch to your clothes via a t-bar and clip. As we get into the Victorian era these chains became longer and more elaborate and were a very popular piece of gentleman's jewellery, often hung with fobs, seals, coin holders and vesta cases.


This is a Victorian, gold plated watch chain with a curb link. The curb link style being the most popular design of watch chains at the end of the Victorian period. This has a sprung clip at one end to attatch it to a button hole and a swivel dog clip at the other end to attatch to a pocket watch.


Condition is good with no ware to the gold plate, and both clasps work well.


Dimesions: 37cm long