An Early 20th Century Silver Plated Spirit Kettle

An Early 20th Century Silver Plated Spirit Kettle

SKU: RJ00622

A spirit kettle was very popular in the 19th and early 20th century. The taking of tea became a popular pastime. These small kettles would sit on a silver plated stand with a paraffin burner just below the kettle, the kettle would be filled with hot water and then the burner ignited, this would keep the water nice and hot to replenish the tea pot. These would only be in wealthy houses as afternoon tea became a popular activity of the wealthy ladies of society.


This is a very smart spirit kettle with a wooden handle to insulate from the heat. It stands on a small burner with a vessel for the paraffin and a wheel to alter the height of the wick, the burner also has a tiny lid to extinguish the flame.


The silver plate is in good condition and there are no breaks or repairs.


Dimensions: 31cm high x 19cm