Georgian Decanter

Georgian Decanter

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Until the 1670s, wine was served at the table in jug or green glass bottle. The decanter started to appear after 1670 and usually took a jug form, it wasn't until the middle of the 1700s that decanters were seen in a form we are more familiar with now.


This is a fine cut, Georgian decanter in the classic shape, with a cut bullseye stopper. This elaborate decanter would have been in the home of a wealthy person and would most likely be used for port.


The body of the decanter is in good condition with no cracks, it does have several tiny chips to the edge of the cutting, where over the years it has rubbed againt another decanter or bottle, these faults are minor and dont detract from the overall appearence. The stopper has some small chips to the base.


Dimensions: 25cm x 9cm