Four Mid-Victorian Breakfast Cups and Saucers

Four Mid-Victorian Breakfast Cups and Saucers

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Tea became the nation's beverage during Queen Victoria's reign. Lower taxes on tea and the expansion of plantations in India (the plant had originated in China) meant there was more affordable tea than ever before, making it accessible to more levels of society.


Breakfast cup and saucers are larger tea cups that would have been used on the breakfast table.  These are fine fine bone china and hand painted in a very typical mid-Victorian design.  Two cups have a slightly different design from the other two.  


There is a small hairline mark to one cup.  Other than that, they are in good condition.  All cups hold water fine.


All of the breakfast cupos have a very fine crack to the rim, saucers are all in good condition.


Dimensions: diamiter of saucer is 16.5cm