A Small Victorian Silver Plated Vesta Case

A Small Victorian Silver Plated Vesta Case

SKU: RJ00535

A vesta or match safe is a case to keep and strike matches in, they would be made from various metals such as brass, silver, silver-plate and even gold. For the most part they would be hung from a watchchain on a gentlemans waistcoat. Ladies however, would often wear them around on a chain, or from thier belt on a chatelaine. The case would open via a hinged lid and would have a grooved section on the base with which to strike the match.


This is a small Victorian vesta case with engraved leaf decoration and a small ring attatched to the lid to enable the vesta to be hung, because of its size and design it would probably have been used by a female, one of moderate income.


Condition is good with no splits or cracks or ware to the engraving and the lid closes well.


Dimensions: 4cm x 3cm