Bronze Japanese Pill Pot

Bronze Japanese Pill Pot

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Hand manufacturing of modern pills began in the 1830s when gelatin pills were invented. The storage of these pills became something of an art form in Georgian and Victorian times, with pill boxes gradually becoming something akin to jewellery.  Although some pill boxes were meant to be kept on a bedside table or atop a dressing room vanity, many were meant to be portable, something a lady (very few men carried pill boxes) could stash in her purse. Hence, they became miniaturized, which was convenient as long as you weren’t taking an apothecary of medicines.  Pill boxes came in all manner of elaborate designs and in an array of materials from simple papier mache boxes to expensive gold and enamelled pieces 


In the middle of the 19th century, Japan started trading again with the west. At this time, Japanese decoration started to become fashionable, and would be found adorning many household items, from furniture to pill boxes.  


This is a quality Japanese pill box, made from bronze and decorated with song birds and cherry blossom.  


The pill box is in excellent condition.