2 Early 20th Century Very Large Stoneware Flagons

2 Early 20th Century Very Large Stoneware Flagons

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During the 19th century Taverns and inns would have a variety of pottery and stoneware barrels on their bars. Before optics were invented drinks would be poured from these barrels it a measure or straight into the appropriate glass. These Barrels would hold all manner of drinks from spirits to soft drinks.


These are two good sized stoneware flagons, the first Made by R. Fry and co, this company was first set up in Brighton in 1874 and moved to larger premises in Portslade in 1920, It prized it self on its aerated waters and also brewed Ginger beer. This bottle was made around 1920 and has an iron carrying handle. This would probably have been sold for "off sales" to be consumed at home.

The second flagon is a large Gaymers Cider bottle with original metal carrying handle and tap. This could have been purchased as "off sales" to consume at home, but as it is so large could also have been used on the bar of a small tavern or ale house. Gaymers Cider was founded in Banham near Attleborough in the late 19th century and the company still excists today.


Both Bottles are in very good condition with no cracks of chips.

The metal handles move freely and the metal tap turns with no problems.



Frys water 42cm high, inc handle x 18cm diameter

Gaymers  48cm high, inc handle x 23cm diameter