2 x Victorian Gilt Rimmed Spectacles

2 x Victorian Gilt Rimmed Spectacles

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During the late 18th and all through the 19th century spectacles were mostly made with a metal rim extending from around the lense to behind the ear. Before the NHS was invented, a trip to the opticians was quite an expensive thing, and maybe the reason why these glasses are still to be found was that people would pass on there glasses to another member of the family, albeit often not the correct perscription, though it was better than non at all, if you couldnt afford your own. In wealthy households these spectacles would sometimes be made with gold or silver rims.


These are two pairs of spectacles with wire rims and shaped wire arms to fit behind the ears. This type of spectacle would be worn by ladies and gentlemen. As these are good quality gilded brass, they would probably be for a proffesional person such a school teacher or clerk.


Both are in good condition.


Dimensions: 11cm wide