Victorian Parian Figure of a Girl

Victorian Parian Figure of a Girl

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In The 18th and 19th century every house had a fireplace, and therefore a mantlepiece, and in the grander houses, several mantlepieces. These would be decorated with all manner of things from clocks, candlesticks, photograph frames and pottery and brass ornaments.


Parian ware is a type of porcelain immitating marble. It was developed in 1845 by Staffordshire pottery manufactureres, Mintons.  It is named after Paros, a greek island famed for its use of fine-textured Parian marble.  These busts would have had pride of place on the mantlepiece or shelves of a wealthier household.

Parian figure a young girl wrapped in a cloak.


In good condition.


Dimensions: 16cm high x 8cm diameter