A Pair of Late Victorian Silver Plated Sugar Tongs

A Pair of Late Victorian Silver Plated Sugar Tongs

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The production of sugar in the early 19th century was quiet crude,  the sugar was made into a large block called a loaf and distributed to the retailer by weight, the shop keeper would cut pieces off this loaf and sell it to the customer. The introduction of the sugar cube was in 1843 by Jakub Krytof Rad. Later on in this century, Henry Tate of Tate and Lyle, purchased a patent to make his own sugar cubes. In order to use cube sugar you would need sugar tongs, these came in various sizes and were produced in silver plate and solid silver for the wealthy.


These sugar tongs are silver plated and are  stamped EPNS on the side. They are quiet a basic pair of tongs, albeit you would have to be reasonably wealthy to use such things, they would be in the home of a simple family with a reasonable income.


The silver plate is in good condition and spring to the tongs is good.


Dimensions: 14cm long