Victorian Brass Smoothing Iron

Victorian Brass Smoothing Iron

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Smoothing irons have been used for centuries in the finishing of clothes; becoming more poular in the late 19th century. In a humble cottage, only your "sunday best" would be ironed, whereas in the larger country and town houses everything would be ironed from underwear to bed sheets.


This type of iron is somewhat more luxurious than the standard Victorian cast iron irons that are commonly seen. This iron comprises a wooden handle and a brass casing, which would originally have housed a cast iron tablet. The handle is made from turned mahogany wood, and would have insulated from the heat, and the brass base would have been preferable to cast iron, by leaving little or no rust marks on clothes, and distributing the heat over a larger surface.


This model has a top hinged opening to place the smaller heated iron tablet into.


In good condition.


Dimensions: 22cm x 10cm x 19cm high