A Graduated Set of Late Victorian Jugs

A Graduated Set of Late Victorian Jugs

SKU: RJ00538

In the middle of the 19th century, Japan started trading again with the West. At this time, all Japanese decoration started to become fashionable. One of our leading china companies, Crown Derby, introduced a design called Imari, this proved to be very popular and almost every Staffordshire pottery manufacturer produced thier version of the Imari design, this continued to be produced for the next 60 years.


This is a graduated set of 5 porcelain jugs, all decorated with figures of Japanese ladies, each piece is transfer printed in a sienna colour and then hand-finished in blue, green and yellow. These jugs were made in France. They would be in the home of a moderatly wealthy family.


The largest jug has a chip to the spout, all other pieces are in good order.


Dimensions: largest jug 17cm high, smallest jug 10cm high