Edwardian Hunting Whip/Crop with Silver Collar

Edwardian Hunting Whip/Crop with Silver Collar

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A very popular pastime for the gentry in the Victorian and Edwardian period was fox hunting. Large country houses would regularly host shooting and hunting parties. In the countryside, fox hunting was a frequent event, and for this you would need the correct attire.


This is a hunting whip retailed by the famous country sporting outfitters Swaine, who later became Swaine and Adeny. The handle is made from carved stag antler with a silver collar, hallmarked London 1907, it has a leather covered shaft and braided leather thong. This would have been used by a wealthy person.


The condition is very good, no loss of stitches to the shaft or damage to the handle.


Dimensions: crop measures 50cm with a further 120cm of the thong.