Early 20th Century Silver Plated Tea Set

Early 20th Century Silver Plated Tea Set

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Tea became the nation's beverage during Queen Victoria's reign. Lower taxes on tea and the expansion of plantations in India (the plant had originated in China) meant there was more affordable tea than ever before, making it accessible to more levels of society.


This is a silver plated tea service consisting of a tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl. It has an Art Deco design engraved on all three pieces, the composite black handle and knob to the lid acts as an insulator to protect from the heat when pouring. This would have been in the home of a middle income family or establishment like a tea rooms.


The silver plate on all pieces is good with no signs of ware. It has no dinges or cracks and the handles are in good condition.



Dimensions: tea pot 27cm x 15cm  x 14cm