Late Victorian Cranberry Glass Oil Lamp

Late Victorian Cranberry Glass Oil Lamp

SKU: RJ00589

During the late 19th and early 20th century houses were lit with candles or oil lamps. The lamps would come in all grades from a cheap utility metal lamp, to elaborate silver or gilt lamp with ornate cut and painted globular shades.


Cranberry glass is a red glass made by adding gold salts or colloidal gold to molten glass, first made during the late Roman empire, but this skill was then lost. It was rediscovered by Bohemian glass makers in the 17th century. Cranberry glass reached its height during Victorian England.  


This oil lamp has a cranberry glass oil font, and a clear glass chimey.  The brass chamber has a movable wick. 


The condition is very good with no chips or cracks


Dimensions: 25cm x 11cm