Victorian Ornate Brass Vesta Case

Victorian Ornate Brass Vesta Case

SKU: RJ00534

A vesta or match safe  is a case to keep and strike matches in, they would be made from various metals such as brass, silver, silver plate and even gold. For the most part they would be hung from a watchchain on a gentlemans waist coat, ladies however would often wear them around on a chain or from there belt on a chatelaine. The case would open via a hinged lid and would have a grooved section on the base with which to strike the match.


This is a brass vesta case with ornate reppouse decoration and a small ring on the side with which to hang the vesta.It would have have belonged to a man of moderate means.


Condition is good with no slits to the brass or damage to the decoration, the hinge closes well.


Dimensions: 5cm x 4cm