Victorian Book Slide/Rest

Victorian Book Slide/Rest

SKU: RJ00493

Travel was an important part of society people in the 19th century, not just long distance travel to exotic places, but also shooting partys and fun weekends to country houses. The luggage would be quiet extensive and often would include a book slider to accompany recent reading matterials. These book sliders could be folded and placed in the suitcase, when needed they would be placed by the bed and could keep all the reading materials together.


This is a nice example of a Victorian bookslide, made from mahogany and embellished with pierced brass decoration, which also has fine engraving to add to the quality of this piece. This could also be used on a desk to keep a small number of referense books together.


In good condition, no slits or cracks and the hinges work well.


Dimensions: 33cm x 12cm